Applying Correct Punctuation, Capitalization, and Spelling


7.LA.2 Demonstrate command of the conventions of English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

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In this unit you will learn the correct way to carry your writing through a series of steps in order to be successful and have a polished final product. These steps are part of the writing process. This process will help you consider every aspect of your writing before sharing it.

During the lesson, the student will be able to: 

  • revise and edit written work;
  • identify elements of the writing process;  
  • create a written text . 

This lesson’s content is of high educational quality. It is designed with a model of a conceptualization, definitions, examples, practice exercises and test with different levels of complexity. In addition, it includes rubrics for an objective evaluation.


15 items in example section

32 items in exercise practice

22 items in test

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