Reading with a Purpose


3.R.2L Recount stories including fable and folktales from diverse culture and determine main idea lesson or moral.

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Reading with a purpose allows the reader to focus on a goal while reading. Whether it is knowing more about the character or learning about the theme, one thing is important, to stay focused. Learning about the elements of the story will help to develop better reading skills.

During this lesson, students will be able to:

  • apply reading skills;
  • identify story elements;
  • recall and recount a story;
  • recognize character, traits, and details in the story;
  • organize events in order.

This lesson’s content is of high educational quality. It is designed with a model of a conceptualization, definitions, examples, practice exercises and test with different levels of complexity. In addition, it includes rubrics for an objective evaluation.


12 items in example section

34 items in exercise practice

23 items in test

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