Amazing Suspense!


11.R.5L – Analyze how an author’s choices concerning how to structure a text, order events within it (e.g., parallel plots),
and manipulate time (e.g., pacing, flashbacks) create such effects as mystery, tension, or surprise.


This lesson focuses on the techniques authors use to build suspense in a story. Students will learn how structure, sequencing, and pacing help authors to enhance the suspense of their stories. Students will also be able to identify the elements of a plot structure.

During the lesson, the student will be able to:

  1. identify the elements of plot;
  2. analyze plot in literature;
  3. explain how an author builds suspense.

This lesson?s content is of high educational quality. It is designed with a model of a conceptualization, definitions, examples, practice exercises and test with different levels of complexity. In addition, it includes rubrics for an objective evaluation.


9 items in example section

37 items in exercise practice

32 items in test

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