The Weather


K.S.5 Describe personal experiences and familiar topics, using vocabulary and details appropriate to the situation and filling in gaps in oral English with first language.

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Weather is a huge part of our daily life. Planning our activities depends on how the weather will be. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the key terms and different kinds of weather we might run into in order to be prepared.

During the lesson, the student will be able to:

  • recognize vocabulary words related to weather, temperature and seasons:
  • identify and sort objects appropriate for each weather;
  • predicts the weather;
  • create a weather forecast;
  • compare and contrast the weather in two different areas.

This lesson’s content is of high educational quality. It is designed with a model of a conceptualization, definitions, examples, practice exercises and test with different levels of complexity. In addition, it includes rubrics for an objective evaluation.


16 items in example section

26 items in exercise practice

15 items in test

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